Time to Think Differently


I was on the phone with my niece, niki, today. We talked for hours about practically everything. We covered politics, science, religion, self-improvement, our crazy family, and then some. And that was in the first three hours. One of the most interesting things we talked about was how our thinking has changed over the years. OK, so maybe I talked about that the most. Thinking. That’s been the topic of most of my conversations with people for awhile. I am a firm believer that our minds are these super computers, but more powerful than the man-made ones.

Our minds have put men into space. Our minds have transplanted body parts that keep us alive. Our minds have designed, created, discovered, and built so much. Our minds have also destroyed, abused, misused, feared, and judged. Our minds are phenomenal! They’re more powerful than computers because they weren’t made us; they were made by God. God gave each one of us a mind and a will that guides us through life. How we think determines what we can accomplish, and how we respond to internal and external stimuli. In a nutshell, our minds lead us.

In order for computer systems to exist and function successfully, several key people, working in the following positions are necessary:


But our minds only need one key person. God. He is the one who designs, creates, and enables our minds to work at all. He gives us, however, the power to choose our own paths, and that is where we, sometimes, most of the time, way too many times fall short.

I can remember instances throughout my life where I chose not to be lead by anyone, even as early as age three and four. It may have seemed cute to see me stomp around the house or say things that the average kid didn’t say back then, but as the years progressed, things got ugly. My thinking landed me in situations that became harmful, even dangerous. My thinking didn’t just affect me either. It also disrupted my household and hindered my growth and success.

Now that I’m older and my behind is much softer from having such a hard head, I have learned to think differently. I want to think like God wants me to think. I want to think good things, true things, lovely things, and praiseworthy things. Not only that, I want to be lead by God. I want His will to be the will that leads me. I used to say I wanted that, but my actions didn’t line up to what my mouth said. It was all just lip service. Resistance is now reserved for the devil, temptation, and fulfilling my civic duties that lead to justice. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m still a work in progress.

I have always thought that our families, environments, and experiences shape our thinking and decision making, but that’s only partly true. For some, it’s deeper than that. There are people who are naturally resistant and strong-willed. They seem to be born that way. Have you ever seen a baby that resists being changed or screams for the bottle even when he or she isn’t that hungry? Have you ever seen a baby that doesn’t want to wear clothes, take a bath, or demands attention? What about that toddler walking around like he or she owned something? And we won’t even talk about that strong-willed teen. That’s another post, but you get my drift though, right?  Family, environment, nor experience has nothing with anything concerning them. Some people come into this world more resistant than others, but whether it’s natural or learned, our behavior is governed by the mind.

But we’re not babies, toddlers, or teens, so what do we do? We change our minds by any means necessary. Start by asking yourself some brutally honest questions like, “Where has my best thinking gotten me?” Then answer it out loud and on paper. What’s your answer? Is it divorced? Broke? Successful? Side chick? Side dude? Homeless? Abused? Fired? Bankrupt? In debt? Locked up? Single with kids and alone? Whatever your answer is, own it. It doesn’t make you stupid, dumb, thirsty, or any other derogatory names that people use these days.

If you don’t like the answer, it’s okay. It just means that you’re thinking impaired. It just means that you need help. So go get it. Get help for your thinking. We get help for everything else, doctors, lawyers, repair people. Why not our thinking? I’ve gone to counseling for a few things. I have mentors and I read lots of books. The Bible is one that has helped transform my thinking tremendously. I spend time with God every day reading, praying, and meditating. I don’t want to sound religious or anything. I’m just sharing what has helped me. If you believe God can help your thinking too, by all means let him do it. Do something that will help you think in a way that brings about a real change in your life. Don’t resist change; think differently.




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